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[Vancouver 溫哥華] Amazing waffles by WE. Coffee

I can't say I'm a waffle lover. Mostly because few waffle shops could amaze me. But WE. Coffee did!
I wish I could explain how and why some waffles tasted better than the others, but again I am being restrained by my lack of pastry knowledge... I'm just a real ordinary foody... all I can tell you is they're GOOD. But then again I guess food is a lot like love. You know it when you meet it. You just know. cuz your heart melts! LOL

我說不上是個鬆餅狂熱者,大概因為真的很少吃到很好吃的鬆餅。在台灣大家常大排長龍的名店,我也都覺得普普而已。但是WE. Coffee的鬆餅真的讓我說出"好吃噎!"三個字。其實真的很難解釋為什麼有些鬆餅難吃有些好吃.....缺乏烘焙專業總令人詞窮。我只能告訴你就是好吃。我想食物和戀愛一樣吧~~~與對的人/食物邂逅,你當下就知道,對了!因為你的心會告訴你~(推托的言論,笑)

Amazing waffles by WE. Coffee

What was planned to be a sweet wrap-up of a night suddenly became the highlight. I was so stuffed from all the tapas and ribs and rice we just had from the amazing Hapa Izakaya, and was really looking forward to no more than maybe a scoop of Gelato or a tiny piece of cheesecake. But that was until we stepped inside WE. Coffee.

本來我們只是想吃點甜點當今晚的句點,沒想到竟成為今晚的亮點!明明才剛從Hapa Izakaya結束滿足的晚餐,應該吃一小球冰淇淋或一小口蛋糕就好了,結果當我們走進WE. Coffee之後.....

Brightly illuminated and modern interior

9 p.m. Still full of people. Started business since 2010, WE is famous for their 100% in-house roasted coffee. Not just that, but rumor says they also have one of the best waffles in town. 


a variety of waffles, desserts, and beverages to choose from... my brain hurts!

Despite the freezing night air outside, I ordered a coffee chillino (frap). Look how good they look!

Also ordered a Trifle. Who said they just had a hearty dinner?

We were afraid that we won't be able to finish everything if we order three sets of dessert... but since the menu was too alluring, we still ordered two waffles and a triffle (that one I insisted on because it was matcha and red beans! Dear Jee! And it's got this name: "Love At First Sight Trifle." You bet. Who could have said no to matcha ice-cream and red beans? It's definitely love at first sight alright.) Reason told us it was way too much, even though girls always said they had another stomach for sweets. So we ordered halves for the waffles. A Half is like two pieces, and the Full four. Mr. J (R's bf) ordered the "Ice-cream Maniac", and R herself a "Strawberry Lover".

由於怕一人一份甜點會吃不完,但是甜點選擇又都太吸引人,於是我們還是點了兩種鬆餅,但是各點半份(半份是兩塊,全份是四塊),而我即使已經沒胃了還是硬是點了一個"一見鍾情"(Love At First Sight) Trifle。 (Trifle: 一種英式甜點,不知道中文是什麼~通常用杯子裝著,底下放水果,中間鋪海綿蛋糕,上面再鋪上一層鮮奶油或卡式達醬),因為是宇治金時的搭配來著~~~果然是叫人一見鍾情阿!我個人是完全無法抗拒抹茶和紅豆。R 跟 Mr. J 分別點了"草莓戀人"(Strawberry Lover)鬆餅及"冰淇淋狂熱份子"(Ice Cream Maniac)鬆餅。

Ice Cream Manic Waffle. Eer... Ice Cream gone mad alright... look at it's size!!!

Never in my life have I seen any waffle smaller than its siding... LOL! First time in WE. Coffee! I'm admiring how generous they are on putting on those ice cream! And the waffle was really delicious too. Very crispy but not too dry. Fluffy and moistured inside but not too damp. I hate it when you can taste flour in a waffle, or when you cut into the waffle it's either so dry it crumbles into pieces, or so uncooked you can't feel the crispy surface. Anyway WE. Coffee nailed it!

Sinful pleasure... but yum!!!

我這輩子還沒見過配料比鬆餅本人還大的...... WE. Coffee 真是令我大開眼界!! 非常憬仰他們對於冰淇淋使用的大方阿!!而且鬆餅真的是非常好吃,外脆內軟有彈性,不會像有些鬆餅吃起來麵粉味很重,或著烤過頭一切下去整個分崩離析,又或者烤的不夠熟吃起來軟軟溼溼的。WE. 做的恰到好處!

My Matcha Ice Cream with red bean toppings trifle wasn't exactly disappointing. Maybe it just went over my sugar tolerance for that evening. The Matcha ice cream was good, but a bit too sweet. And because the sponge cake chops (I believe them to be castella chops instead) are already nice and sweetened all by themselves, altogether they just went over the top. Wasn't able to finish the whole thing by myself. But I guess with a nice cup of tea or black coffee, you could. (I had a mocha frap, that's why...)

Love At First Sight Trifle.
Let's just say Love at first sight doesn't always last forever...


Strawberry Lover Waffle :)

I myself love strawberries, but not always its products. So strawberry ice cream, neh, i find it not so heart-throbbing. But the waffles, still very delicious. I stole the waffles here to dip them in the chocolate ice cream over there (the ice cream maniac.) LOL.


WE, will definitely visit again :)

An absolutely guilty but happy night :)

WE. Coffee

  • 1696 Robson St. Vancouver, BC

    open hours
    Mon - Thu:

    8:00 am


    11:00 pm
    Fri:8:00 am-12:00 am
    Sat:9:00 am-12:00 am
    Sun:9:00 am-11:00 pm

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